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How Well Does Your Organisation's Success Rate Match the All Blacks?

Wikipedia states New Zealand's longest winning streak is 18 test victories (a Tier 1 joint world record), achieved between 2015 and 2016. In 2013 they won every test they played during a calendar year. The All Blacks hold the record for most consecutive test wins at home – a 47-match winning streak, achieved between 2009 and 2017.[181] Their longest unbeaten streak is 23 tests (from 1987 to 1990) with one game being drawn.[182]

Over the last 100+ years, their test record (first test in 1903), up to November 2021 is:

Played 612; Won 472; Lost 118; Drawn 22; Win 77.12%

Points For 17295; Points Against 8217; Points diff. +8978

The All Blacks have what is probably the best long term winning performance of any (national) team in any sport.

So why is a management consultancy and advisory firm interested in this?

Because it is based upon over 100 years of focus on culture, leadership with a real sense of purpose and strategic thinking implemented through thorough planning and delivery. Those involved look deeply at their own performance, live and work to the highest standards and effectively use analysis of working methods to optimise all activity to achieve a positive outcome most coherently.

Bill Osborne, outgoing President of the NZRU gave an interview recently to Mckinsey on what he sees underpinning such a world class long term performance. He also translates that approach to his business life very successfully. The article and podcast are well worth the few minutes spent.

Considering what this might mean for your organisation is worth even more time.

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