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Why Us?


We specifically state that our purpose is to Apply Business Wisdom Profitably. The 7C Consociation team cover an expansive range of business sectors and roles and we fully appreciate the different types of challenges businesses face. We care passionately about supporting our clients in their efforts to achieve their business objectives and we do this through applying our first hand experience gained over multiple years.

The Sweet Spot

We always maintain a client-centred focus in all that we do, and strongly believe that any engagement must be tailored to the individual needs of the client. Unlike most traditional consultancy businesses, we have the flexibility to offer a combination of roles most appropriate to your specific circumstances. These range from the traditional management consultant role through to interim manager, it can be as a mentor and/or coach, or we can act in a non-executive or advisory capacity. These roles can be merged, balanced and interchanged to provide the perfect blend of approach to any given business situation, linking back to a key principle of The Six-Step Framework which keeps the client firmly in control.

The 7Cs

The 7Cs represent the seven core elements across which we provide our Business Wisdom.
The 7C Consociation team offer a wealth of expertise gained and
developed from real-life business experience.

7Cs Details Anchor

 一 The ability to influence others to move willingly and with purpose towards the achievement of a shared goal.

We can assess the quality of leadership within the business to identify gaps, improve performance and ensure continuity.

 一 The process that focuses on finding and developing unique opportunities to create value among people who can affect an organisation’s direction.

We can support and enable the process of strategic thinking towards the development of specific business goals through provocative and creative dialogue.


 一 The development of a clear and documented understanding as to how the business is structured and operates.

We can help clarify specific business needs and determine solutions to specific problems.

 一 The preparation, support and communications to teams and individuals with regards to a major organisational or cultural change.

We can support such changes to enable the migration to a "new paradigm” with minimal disruption.


 一 The The pre and post M&A activities required to bring two organisations together in order to achieve a strategic objective.

We can support the growth (or diversification) goals of the business through pre-acquisition strategy development and implementation, plus post acquisition integration support.

 一 The building of the necessary skills and knowledge within the employees of an organisation that will be required to meet the business objectives as well as ensuring a robust succession plan for leadership roles.

We can review the people development requirements of the business to ensure a robust plan supporting medium and long term sustainability.


 一 The practical realisation of agreed and measurable business objectives through a formal process based on standard project management techniques.

We can support the implementation and delivery of projects and plans to achieve desired outcomes within required timelines.

The 6-Step Framework

Facilitating a thorough identification of risks and challenges, and bespoke development of targeted solutions, our service model offers complete flexibility whilst maintaining a streamlined workflow. The client retains full control with the option to cease the process at any point. Click each step's icon or click the button below to find out more.

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6-Step Framework Anchor
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